Going Outs – Expenses

Going Outs is what I call Expenses. Anything you spend money on is an EXPENSE. Your Savings Are Savings. – Praus Life Finance What is Included in the Expense Category? Life basics – housing, food, clothing, health, transportation, basic communications – are the essence of any Spending Plan and form the basics of the ExpensesContinue reading “Going Outs – Expenses”

Clue On – Income

This will cover all your income, earnings, rebates i.e. incoming money. Things to consider include: All Earnings Frequency of Payments Expected AND confirmed rebates etc The first part of a Spending Plan is to calculate how much money you have coming in each month or 4-week period. It is much easier for those on fixedContinue reading “Clue On – Income”

Spending Plans

Some call it Budgets and others call it Spending Plans. I prefer to call these Spending Plans. Have a clue what is coming in, plan for what will go out, know what needs keeping and make room for life. – Praus Life Finance A Spending Plan (or Budget as some call it) is key toContinue reading “Spending Plans”

How I Invest in the Stock Market Series B

In this section of the Wealth Building Series, I speak about the basics of investing and what I do. As usual, this blog has been set up to teach my future daughter the ways of the UK personal finance scene. Dear daughter, you will be right to check that all information is current. This isContinue reading “How I Invest in the Stock Market Series B”

How I Invest in the Stock Market – Part 4

Charitable & Payroll Giving The above are great ways to give to your favourite charities or a cause you support. I am a Christian and decide to give 10% of my gross earnings (pls do not try and get me into an argument about gross or net giving. I will not engage. Do what yourContinue reading “How I Invest in the Stock Market – Part 4”

How I Invest in the Stock Market Series A – Part 2

ISA The ISA is post-tax savings account. This means contributions into the account are made by the individual through after-tax earnings. Any withdrawals from the account are made tax free. Current allowance for the 2019/2020 financial year is £20k p.a. the £20k p.a. is total sum over all ISA products including stocks and shares ISAs,Continue reading “How I Invest in the Stock Market Series A – Part 2”

How I Invest in the Stock Market Series A – Part 1

Employer/Workplace Pensions During my 13 year stay in the UK, all my employers have offered a work place pension of some sort. On my first job in the UK, I remember my friend asking me to contribute to a pension but my uneducated mind at the time, could not comprehend. As far as I wasContinue reading “How I Invest in the Stock Market Series A – Part 1”