Keeps – Savings

Let us talk about Savings and Investments; split into ‘savings for now’, rainy day funds and retirement. Savings = Keeping for Now and Later. Emergency Funds Retirement & Pensions Sinking Funds Home Maintenance Funds Children/Parent Assistance Fund The first thing to do is to decide your goals and life aims. Save for Emergencies & YourContinue reading “Keeps – Savings”

How I Invest in the Stock Market – Part 3

SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions) These are also retirement savings account. Most employers will not contribute to a SIPP and especially if they have a company pension available to employees. The SIPP is best placed for self-employed individuals or those on temporary contracts who have no recourse to a company-based pensions. That said, individuals withContinue reading “How I Invest in the Stock Market – Part 3”

How I Invest in the Stock Market Series A – Part 1

Employer/Workplace Pensions During my 13 year stay in the UK, all my employers have offered a work place pension of some sort. On my first job in the UK, I remember my friend asking me to contribute to a pension but my uneducated mind at the time, could not comprehend. As far as I wasContinue reading “How I Invest in the Stock Market Series A – Part 1”