How I Invest in the Stock Market Series B

In this section of the Wealth Building Series, I speak about the basics of investing and what I do. As usual, this blog has been set up to teach my future daughter the ways of the UK personal finance scene.

Dear daughter, you will be right to check that all information is current. This is PERSONAL finance and I encourage you to do what is best for you knowing that the ideas below were what I considered at the time and what felt right to me considering my risk profile. .

Here goes but before then…

As I have always maintained, please ensure your emergency funds are intact before you start investing.

— An Anonymous Wise Human
  1. Types of Investments
    • Stocks and Shares
    • Bonds
    • Treasury Bills
    • Others e.g. real estate, peer-to-peer lending etc
  2. Dollar Cost Averaging
  3. Investment Expenses
  4. Risk Profile

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