Wealth Building

Personal Finance and Wealth Building

Disclaimer: No information on this page can be taken as financial advice. This is what I have done based on personal research. Please undertake your personal research and seek financial advice if required to inform your decisions. All information here is my opinion hence do not expect me to repeat the phrase, ‘opinion and/or personal opinion’ throughout. This blanket statement covers it all. I am not sponsored by any of the investment platforms or products mentioned in my blog post.

This part of my personal blog will cover some wealth building tools I am currently employing. Like I always say, I have never had debt but had a real challenge with savings until I read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.

Main topics to be addressed here include :

  1. Spending Plans
  2. Investments
    1. How I Invest in the Stock Market Series – Tax Efficient Accounts/Tools
    2. How I Invest in the Stock Market Series B – Investing Basics
  3. Emergency & Sinking Funds

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