Planning To Buy

Before building, you first estimate the cost. Plan to succeed.

Luke 14:28

Let’s Go

House Purchase Cost & Deposit Saving Tips

Estimating your deposit and moving costs and ways to save for the most expensive purchase of your life 🙂


A collated list of tools, excel sheets and calculators I have produced and make use of.

Where & What to Buy

Deciding on your needs/wants – style, location, personal circumstances and how these affect your decision.

Buy Or Rent?

A short synopsis and analysis of the buy or rent discussion. This are my thoughts. Decision is ultimately yours.


Warlingham Close

A short story of a house I fell in love with but let it go with some awesome lessons learnt

View more

Elder Close

My perfect 4-bedroom house but which was way above my budget

View more

Happy to help if you want to know more.

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