Where and What to Buy

Your budget would surely be one of the major determining factors in where and what type of property you finally buy.

I cover all things saving for and deciding on the amount of money to spend on your property on the ‘Saving for A Deposit’ Page and some other information on my reviews of ‘UK Estate Agencies’ Page.

Here, I share some of these factors that have determined where I buy and the type of properties to look for.

All detail here is based on personal opinion and time bound. Most people will have had different experience. It cannot be used for any other purpose than to recount my personal experiences.

Know what you need and how to get it; inner city or outer Hebrides? New build, resale or an old heritage building?

PL First Time Buyer’s Agent

Where and What to Buy Series:

As a Christian, I am now at a place where I must confess with all my house search journey, I don’t think I have trusted God enough but rather looked at the finances he has enabled me to save to determine the houses I look at.

Yes, it is not good to be in debt and I have always listened hard to Dave Ramsey to ensure I put more than 25% down and not spend more than 25% of my take-home (net) salary on a mortgage. Although that makes reasonable sense, it has has no definite biblical basis; what it did was preclude me from the houses that I really liked.

Now I stand on a number of scriptures that gear and propel me towards the house I really like. God will do it.

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