First Time Home Buyer’s Agents

Praus Life – Informal Buyer’s Agent

As someone, in the home buying process and having been for quite some time now, I share my tips on the process and try as much as possible to help you avoid the mistakes I have made.

With the lack or seemingly non-existent concept of the Buyer’s Agent here in the UK, this is a resource created to help the first time home buyer.

Planning to Buy

From deposit saving tips, clarifying your needs, wants and non-negotiables to the house buying process.

Viewing Tips

Here you will find some quick tips on deciding the best places to buy, pre-viewing research and research tools, travelling to viewing and staying safe during the viewing process

How to work with Estate Agents, Surveyors, Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors

Working with estate agents, surveyors and mortgage brokers from arranging viewing through negotiating an offer & mortgage PLUS conveyancing process to getting your keys. And how estate agents can best serve first time home buyers

It is exciting to have a place to call home whether you are a renter or a house-owner.

At a point in life, most people feel the need to buy a house. Your finances greatly influence the house buying process. At each stage, it is wise to take a step back and clearly evaluate how your needs will be met. A wise team is an asset during the process, as a first time buyer, very rarely will you find an agent who will watch out for your needs.

Let us make this easier for all of us.


Here to Help.

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