House Buying Team

Who Is Around You?

Note: Most Estate Agents are there to make as much money as possible. Watch out!

Let’s Go

Estate Agents

Get the most and best out of estate agents, questions to ask and my name and shame list of estate agents I have used. Tips on how estate agents can best serve home buyers


First time buyer mortgages, what mortgages to go for, things to look out for when deciding a mortgage e.g. overpayments, APR, fixed or variable rates etc


Types of surveys, booking surveys, reviewing the survey report and querying items in the report.


Understanding the conveyancing process and how to get the best out of your solicitor.

Team Checklist

Quick Guide

Here, you will find an excel sheet showing some of the items to get together and activities during the process

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Time Line

A house buying process can take as long as it can. Here you will find a brief time line & which of your team will be involved at each stage.

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Happy to help if you want to know more.

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