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Oscar Wilde

Welcome to my blog or a 3-part blog series covering most things Career, Finance and House Purchase.

Join me on this journey as I navigate the corporate world in a predominantly male environment. I will talk about my career to date, the opportunities I took and those I missed, negotiating salaries and being willing to step away from a ‘bad’ offer and dealing with bullying and harassment as an over-achieving black woman and its impact on mental health, confidence and career progression. Do not expect me to tell you to engage in office politics ‘cos you will not be getting that here. But do expect some wise counsel on how to be great:-)

I am also in the process of buying a house so one of the 3-part series will be on this. Unlike buyers in the U.S.A, in the U.K. we do not have the benefit of a buyers’ agent. I will, therefore, share my tips on what to look for when viewing houses, placing an offer, estimating works to be done and dealing with estate agents who are usually on the vendor’s side. Remember, they make commission from a sale!

I will at some point, share with you my best and worst estate agents in the Medway & Swale, Elm Park and Hornchurch areas & some online estate agents to avoid.

Last but not the least, by popular requests based on my WhatsApp posts and constant queries and feedback, I will also talk about my investment strategy.

This is my personal blog and none of the information on here is considered as professional advice. If you choose to follow along as a form of stress/comic relief or to pick up hints, it is your responsibility to research and do what works best for you

In the mean time, ENJOY and WELCOME.

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